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About iRefer123

iRefer123 Mission Statement:

“iRefer123 is an unconventional co-operative approach to business which creates opportunities for it’s members to secure their future”

iRefer123 was founded by two Australian ‘s with combined 35 years experience in the network marketing industry achieving great success developing teams of over 100,000 members.

iRefer123’s compensation plan has been developed in association with Waratah Australia [an approved supplier of the Direct Selling Association of Australia (DSAA)]

Every part of the iRefer123 program has been designed to benefit members, customers and participating merchants in a unique win-win situation.

iRefer123 is backed by proven industry experts with an ongoing commitment to excellence.

We welcome you to our world, your world and what we call the iRevolution!

Our Founders

David has a double degree in Education and Fine and Applied Arts and has taught at schools in Australia and New Zealand. He built a large network marketing business , which at its peak had more than 100,000 members across 4 countries. David has consulted to large corporations in fields such as communications, team building, coaching, sales and marketing, personal development and mentoring programs throughout Australia, New Zealand and parts of Asia. David’s genuine interest in helping people who want to help themselves assisted him to become a highly regarded motivational speaker on the international speaking circuit

John has an impressive corporate background across a range of industry sectors including banking, real estate, recreational industry, corporate fitness and small business. For more than 10 years he worked in the real estate industry where his role included sales, being responsible for monthly sales targets and day to day operations. As a talented public speaker John is familiar in roles as an MC or presenter at various business seminars, and he is familiar with organising and running large conferences. His diverse experience and strengths include managing daily operations and co-ordinating successful sales teams.