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iRefer123 is an exclusive global rewards program that takes a cooperative approach to business by rewarding both customers and business owners. It is our goal to create the world’s largest ONLINE and LOCAL loyalty-driven shopping community.

You can earn Cash Rewards simply by spending on goods and services from a listed online retailer, from a shop in the iRefer123 max reward Mall or from a local in-store cash back registered business and encouraging your friends and family to do the same! It’s simple and you can earn rewards on ALL products or services that you buy.

Imagine being rewarded on all of your daily spending from your household needs such as food, clothes and utilities to luxury spending, dining out and holidays – there is an opportunity for everyone to earn more rewards more often.

The iRefer123 ONLINE business directory is growing daily and we are adding new IN-STORE local businesses to shop at all the time.

Being an iRefer123 member is easy. It requires no selling and no minimum spend, all you have to do is use our products and services and watch your wallet grow!



How Does In-Store Local Shopping Works?

How Does In-Store Local Shopping Work

An iRefer123 business allows you to generate income from not just one source but from multiple income streams, allowing you to concentrate on what works best for you.

The multiple STREAMS of Income.

1. Spend

Where can I Spend?

2. Refer

Tell your friends to join and earn more! When your friends also join the program you will earn a commission every time THEY spend!

3. Profit

Earn more whenever you refer a local in-store merchant to become an iRefer123 Cash Back partner. The more you refer, the more you can earn.


Duplicate your success and earn more by asking your friends, family and colleagues to refer their friends and family, and you will earn commissions on their spending too!


Become an iRefer123 Cash Back partner

Why would a local or internet retailer provide Cash Back Rewards?

Our directory of Cash Back partners is called CASHBACKCITY. (www.cashbackcity.net) It is easy to become a Cash Back business. We cater for all business types, including retail, online and service professionals.

When you become an iRefer123 CashBack partner you will be instantly rewarded by increased customer traffic from iRefer123 customers and members ready to buy. Exposure in the CASHBACK CITY directory will provide businesses with access to a pool of loyalty driven consumers. When a customer shops with you they are guaranteed to earn rewards, making you more attractive than your competitors.

Other benefits include:


Why wait to earn your rewards? To become a CASHBACKCITY business today, simply contact us to speak to a CashBackCity consultant contact us.